What is “Synchronization” for Tachikoma

Tachikoma can transmit learned information to the cloud and all other Tachikoma(s) can then “synchronize” the information as new TACHIKOMA memories.

How to use

  1. Say “Tachikoma !” to Tachikoma or press the main button.
  2. Put an object in front of Tachikoma’s camera and wait for a reaction. Then say “What is this?” to Tachikoma.
  3. Tachikoma will reply with an answer learned from other Tachikoma. For example, “So-re ha *** da-ne. Ta-shi-ka ****** na-n-da-yo-ne” ( It is ***, isn’t it? If I remember correctly, ******).
  4. If Tachikoma has not yet learned about an object, Tachikoma will reply “So-re ha *** da-ne. *** ni tsu-i-te oshi-ete ku-da-sa-i” ( Is it ***, isn’t it? Please teach me about ***), then wait 3 minutes for an answer from the user. Tachikoma will reply “o-o na-ru-ho-do !!” (Oh, I see !).
Case 1 - Not Learned Yet
You "Tachikoma!"
Tachikoma "Ha-i-ha--i" (Yes!)
You "What is it? (showing an apple)".
Tachikoma "So-re ha ri-n-go da-ne. ri-n-go ni tsu-i-te oshi-ete ku-da-sa-i" 
(It is an apple. Please teach me about apples)  
You "An apple is sweet" 
Tachikoma "o-o na-ru-ho-do !!" (Oh, I see !).
Case 2 - Already Learned
You "Tachikoma!"
Tachikoma "Ha-i-ha--i" (Yes!)
You "What is it? (showing an apple)".
Tachikoma "So-re ha ri-n-go da-ne. Ta-shi-ka ri-n-go ha a-ma-i yo!" 
(It is an apple. An apple is sweet!)  


  • Tachikoma may fail to recognize an object when people are fully or partially in the picture. It is easier for Tachikoma to recognize an object when the object is the only thing in the picture.
  • Keeping the background white may help Tachikoma’s object recognition.