After using


Tachikoma will automatically change to standby mode or power-off when you are not using it.

See the description below for details.

Standby mode

  • Tachikoma automatically changes to standby mode when there is no input or operation for 2 minutes.
  • When Tachikoma is in standby mode, Tachikoma will ignore any words except for “Tachikoma!”.
  • The Pod LED will light up even when Tachikoma is in standby mode.
  • To release standby mode, perform one of actions below.
    • Say “Tachikoma!”
    • Press the main button
    • Launch the app and connect with Tachikoma.

Power off

  • Tachikoma turn off when it meets one of the conditions below.
    • Standby mode continues for 30 minutes.
    • Press and hold the main button for 3 seconds or more.
    • Execute “POWER OFF” in the app.
  • Tachikoma make no response and Pod LED will turn off when it is powered off.
  • Press the main button for 3 seconds or more to turn on.

How to store

  • Please put on a flat surface when you do not use Tachikoma.
  • If the legs of the unit are in a spread open position during use, lift the unit and confirm legs return to the correct posture.
  • When you do not use Tachikoma for a long time and to prevent dust from accumulating on the device, Cerevo recommends you store Tachikoma inside the product box.