Initial setup

1. Launch the app

Launch the “1/8 TACHIKOMA” app and tap [NEW FILE].

2. Agree to 1/8 Tachikoma Terms of Service

Read the Terms of Service and tap [YES] to agree to it.

3. Boot your Tachikoma

Press and hold the bottom button for 3 seconds to boot your Tachikoma, then tap [YES].

4. Enter your user name

Tap the input form and enter your user name, then tap [OK].

5. Enter Tachikoma’s name

Tap the input form and enter the name for your Tachikoma, then tap [OK].
The default name is “Tachikoma”.

6. Enter SSID

The SSID which your smartphone is connected to will be displayed by default. If you want Tachikoma to connect to another SSID, tap the form and enter the SSID.
Next, tap [OK].

*For full functionality Tachikoma requires an internet connection.
Some functions can be used without an internet connection, please use “Standalone mode” when there is no connection available.

7. Enter Wi-Fi password

Enter the Wi-Fi password, tap [OK] and confirm the QR code is displayed in the app.

8. QR code mode

Press the button on the bottom to enter QR code mode.
Tachikoma will say a greeting, “Ha-a-a-i !!”, “Na-n-de-sho-u”, etc. when it enters QR code mode.

9. Make Tachikoma read the QR code

Hold your phone 10-15 cm from Tachikoma’s camera. Tachikoma says “Hum, Hum” when reading the QR code is successful.

10. Complete initial setup

The image below will be displayed in the app when initial setup is complete.