Force reset / Factory reset

Forse reset

  1. Remove an AC adapter.
  2. Press and hold the Main button for 3 seconds
  3. The Pod LED will turn off when Tachikoma shuts down.

Factory reset

Follow the steps below to do a factory reset.
A factory reset will reset all data and settings to default and cannot be undone. Please be careful.

  1. Remove the pod lid. Carefully handle the pod lid while removing.
  2. Firmly press the initialize button for 3 seconds using a thin, stiff object.
    **Do not use a needle or other sharp metal objects to press the button. Doing so may cause a malfunction or an electrical short circuit.

  3. Release the initialize button when the pod LED turns off.
    Wait for Tachikoma to reboot.
  4. Factory reset is complete when Tachikoma reboots.
    Please complete initial setup again after a factory reset.